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17th ISRHML Conference From Human Milk Molecules to Population Health: Research Advances

Attention: If you submitted an abstract and have not received notification regarding Abstract Acceptance, please email as SOON as possible!

Welcome to Charleston!

Greetings Society Members!

Jointly, as the Organizing Chair of the 2014 International Society for Research on Human Milk and Lactation (ISRHML) conference and as ISRHML president elect, we would like to extend a warm welcome and sincere invitation to you to attend this conference, From Human Milk Molecules to Population Health:  Research Advancements,” October 23-27, 2014 at the Kiawah Island Resort, just a 35 minute drive from Historic Charleston, South Carolina.

The program agenda is nearly finalized, pending the acceptance of a few invited speakers. The state-of-the art program features presentations on the human milk microbiome, the gut microbiome, metabolomics, and the impact of commercial fortifiers on own mothers' and donor human milk. An entire afternoon session is devoted to the effect of maternal obesity on lactation outcomes, and includes molecular and physiologic mechanisms as well as public health implications of this worldwide health problem. Public health researchers will present data on effective breastfeeding promotion and support programs, and for clinical researchers, a session is devoted to the paradox of human milk feeding in premature infants:  growth versus reduction in the risk of morbidities. Rounding out the scientific sessions are presentations on the psychological and evolutionary factors that influence breastfeeding, and the mechanisms by which human milk protects from long-term morbidity. Forty-eight speakers from over 10 countries have been invited, and peer-reviewed abstracts from participants will be accepted for podium and poster presentations. This 17th ISRHML conference will be a memorable one, and will take place in a location you will not forget for many years to come.

Kiawah Island provides comfortable accommodations and spacious, modern meeting facilities while maintaining its quiet, rustic island feel. It's a contradiction that results in giving you a wonderful and relaxing experience! The Kiawah Island Beach is consistently ranked among the best in the United States. Kiawah Island is a ten-mile island running parallel to the South Carolina coast and includes miles of pristine private beach, five championship golf courses, tennis courts, paved walking trails, numerous outdoor nature activities including the resort itself. There are numerous eco tours, 36 miles of hike/bike trails, shopping, boating, fishing, team building, kayaking, canoeing and several pools.

Kiawah Island restaurants are as varied and colorful as the Lowcountry itself. On Kiawah Island and surrounding islands you can eat seasonal, fresh cuisine overlooking anything from a pool or golf course to the Atlantic Ocean.

For a sense of true Lowcountry history and fine cuisine, participate in a trip to historic Charleston, just 35 minutes down the road. Besides cutting edge human milk and lactation research presentations, as part of our conference festivities, there are optional excursions on Sunday afternoon: Visit one of the most breathtaking plantations—Middleton Place; take a carriage ride through downtown for a fun dose of history; stroll along the Battery; shop in the high-end stores along King Street, and sample upscale Lowcountry dining for a sense of what Charleston is all about. Following an afternoon of fun, join us at our ISRHML gala (included in your registration fee) to take place Sunday night at the South Carolina Aquarium overlooking breathtaking Charleston harbor and the Cooper River Bridge.

Additional details regarding the conference are found here on our website. We look forward to hearing from you in the interim and seeing you in October!

Best regards,

Carol L. Wagner, MD
Professor of Pediatrics, Medical University of South Carolina
Organizing Chair, 2014 International Society for Research on Human Milk and Lactation

Rafael Perez-Escamilla, PhD
Professor of Epidemiology & Public Health, Yale School of Public Health
President, International Society for Research on Human Milk and Lactation