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PPRNet - Primary (Care) Practices Research Network

Practice Performance Reports - sample report

PPRNet offers Practice Level Performance Reports to aid practices in quality improvement initiatives. Reports are created from encrypted practice data electronically submitted through an MUSC secure portal.  PPRNet Performance Reports are generated in a .pdf file format, password protected per practice and retrievable for download from the MUSC secure portal.

Provider and Patient Level Reports (PLRs) - sample report

PLRs have several features designed to assist with population management and patient outreach.  The first spreadsheet displays, for each quality indicator, a brief description, the number of eligible patients, the proportion of patients meeting indicator criterion and the number of patients not meeting indicator criterion. Each row is hyperlinked to the list of deidentified patients that do not meet indicator criterion.  A master patient list displays approximately 70 columns (fields) from demographics, diagnosis, vital signs, lab tests, immunizations and medications.  

Participation in PPRNet Quality Improvement Projects

Many PPRNet practices participate in quality improvement projects led by PPRNet investigators. Current and prior projects have been focused on improving cardiovascular disease outcomes, colorectal cancer screening, medication safety, and alcohol screening in PPRNet practices. Practices participating in these projects often receive site visits to help prioritize performance, better use the electronic medical record, involve all staff, and activate patients.

Network Meetings

PPRNet holds Network Meetings to further expand the knowledge of its users and to network their experiences with other PPRNet members. Network meetings offer between 12 and 15 CME credit hours to clinicians in topics covering PPRNet current and past research, evidence-based medicine and quality improvement tips from “Best Practices.”
PPRNet's 18th Annual Meeting will be held August 22-24, 2013 in Charleston, SC.  Read more.

Webinars and Info Sessions

PPRNet disseminates information and encourages interactive real-time communication with our members.  Topics include lastest developments affecting member practices, findings from our research and network collaborations, quality improvement, incentive initiatives, improvements in patient outcomes and more. The PPRNet team realizes that practices are busy and free time is limited.  Through webinars, info sessions and network meetings PPRNet tries to reach out to our practices, disseminate information and promote participation. PPRNet members are encouraged to suggest topics and potential learning activities, as well as actively participate.

PPRNet Listserv

The ListServ is designed to facilitate discussion among PPRNet members regarding methods to improve quality improvement efforts in your practices and also to quickly disseminate information, notices and latest developments at PPRNet.  Subscribe: PPRNet Listserv.

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