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PPRNet - Primary (Care) Practices Research Network

From our members using monthly and custom reports ...

"All of our physicians were able to successfully complete PQRS reporting this past month using the ABFM website and PPRNet PLR. It took about 3-4 hours total per MD (most time spent recording the pateint-identified data onto backup paper forms from the ABFM for future audits and recording the data on the website). It is difficult to imagine collating the data without the PPRNet reports. Very helpful if not essential. Kudos and thanks to Steve and his team for having the foresight to add this to the reports."
Mike Maxwell, MD, Family Medicine of Port Angeles

"I'd recommend the custom reports to anyone and everyone! If half the stuff I have to do was as easy to set up my work day would be so much less stressful. I think the custom monthly reports have elevated the PPRNet data to a truly actionable item list. My practice works directly off the PPRNet report. It is our worklist. Before the custom monthly reports, I used the PPRNet data as a more general roadmap to quality improvement activities because there was a bit of a delay in data collection and reporting. Now, completely different and the data is more robust than I could ever create with PP reports (Crystal or Patient Inquiry) and I have a LOT of experience with Crystal reporting."
Mike Mignoli, MD, Mike Mignoli Internal Medicine

"PPRNet has been essential to our practice navigating through the alphabet soup that has come our way.  Their reports have been instrumental in us completing PCMH, CPCI, PQRI, MCMP. MU and several others.  The customized monthly reports have really brought our practice together and helped our sense of teamwork and enhanced our sense of accomplishment as we improve the health of our patients."
Robert Cowherd, MD, PhD,  Cowherd Family Medical Center

"PPRNet has been a game changer for us on our quality journey.  We had been getting the quality reports quarterly and loved them but found we needed more.  We needed the ability to get that data monthly to help us facilitate a more proactive approach in care management.  After several failed attempts to get the data other ways, I was having a conversation during an onsite visit with PPRNet and was told, maybe there is something we can do to help.  Within probably a week or two, Steve had contacted me letting me know how they could help.  For a very reasonable fee they are able to provide us monthly data, that has helped us focus on areas we identified as opportunities for improvement, and allowed us to be more proactive.  We greatly appreciate all the time, and effort PPRNet has spent in helping practices like us improve the quality of care we can provide to our patients.  We seriously don’t know what we would do without them.  So PPRNet, hats off to you!  We appreciate all you do for us. "   
Stephanie Hollman, Outpatient Clinical Officer, Crete Area Medical Center

"PPRNet is working on an exponential scale above any competing quality reporting program to my knowledge and interfaces in such a way as to lead to documented practice improvement.”
Family Medicine Practice, South Carolina

"I am currently re-credentialing as a Level 3 Patient Centered Medical Home.  This would not be possible without the reports provided by PPRNET.  PPRNET reports are a gold mine of information.   You can easily drill down to find the patients who need a vaccination. The ability to compare providers across certain measures is already done for me.  And PQRS data is already being collected for me for reporting purposes."
Family Medicine Practice, New York 

"The feedback we receive from PPRNET’s data extraction allows us to track our own progress in meeting quality goals such as PAP screening, Mammogram screening, Colorectal screening and Microalbumin screening in diabetics, among many, many others. Just as an example, our own practice has improved our use of yearly microalbumin screening in diabetics from 10% to 95% in just 18 months.  Prior to our involvement in PPRNET, we would have had no practical way to even track these numbers."
Family Medicine Practice, Ohio

"I have always been interested in quality improvement activities, and was pleased to find a program that provided routine reporting of dozens of clinical measures, which happened to be from PPRNet reports." 
Family Medicine Clinical Practice, Iowa


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