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Counseling and Psychological Services

A Note to Minority Students About CAPS Services

The staff at CAPS recognize that every patient brings his or her own unique background, experience, and cultural identity to the process of therapy.  We will maintain our awareness of issues that are culturally-based throughout our interactions with you.  It goes without saying that Charleston is a very Southern town, and MUSC is, in many ways, infused with the culture of its location.  There is no question that the experience of training at MUSC is influenced by one’s culture, and we are aware that there may be components of your experience as an ethnic minority which are not only different from those of your Caucasian classmates, but which you need to process with someone who can relate to what you are describing.  We are here to provide that service to you.  We will maintain our awareness of differences that may exist between your background and that of other students.  We will also address any differences that may exist between you and your therapist, and make a sincere effort to incorporate a sensitivity and a receptivity to these issues in your therapy. 
























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