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The Neurobiology of Addiction Research Center (NARC)



Steven LaRowe, Ph.D.
A Randomized Controlled Trial of Oral N-acetylcysteine for Smoking Reduction

Shigenobu Toda, Ph.D.
Effect of Actin Cycling on Sine Morphology in Nucleus Accumbens of Cocaine-treated Rats

Lankapulle Jayanthi, Ph.D.
In Vivo Regulation of the norepinephrine Transporter by Cocaine

Hugh Myrick, M.D.
The Use of fMRI to Determine Response to Medication in People with Cocaine Dependence

Satish Nair, Ph.D.
Modeling the PFC-Accumbens Glutamatatergic Pathway in Cocaine

Foster Olive, Ph.D.
Effects of Acamprosate on Cue-induced Reinstatement of Methamphetamine and Cocaine-seeking Behavior

Sven Kroener, Ph.D.
Effects of Cocaine on GABAergic interneurons in the prefontal Cortex

Rita Fuchs-Lokensgard, Ph.D.
Memory Consolidatoin and Conditioned Stimulus-induced Reinstatement

Antonieta Lavin, Ph.D.
Long-term Neuroadaptations Produced by Withdrawal from Repeated Cocaine Treatment: Role of dopaminergic Receptors in Modulating Cortical Excitability


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