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The Neurobiology of Addiction Research Center (NARC)

Seminars & Events Archive

2006-2007 Schedule


2006-2007 Seminar Schedule
9-21-06John Marshall, PhD
University of California at Irvine
"Cocaine memories: ERK signaling provides a crack into relapse prevention"
10-5-06Marilyn Carroll , PhD, Professor
University of Minnesota
"Influence of sex and ovarian hormones in several aspects of drug abuse: Animal models"
10-19-06W. David Bradford, PhD, Professor
"Economic Methods for Assessing Time Preferences and Applications to Medical Decision Making"
11-02-06Mark Thomas , PhD, Asst. Professor
University of Minnesota
"Cocaine Experience Drives bidirectional Synaptic Plasticity In Nucleus Accumbens"
11-16-06Linda Dykstra, PhD, Professor & Dean
UNC/Chapel Hill
"Opioid/NMDA Interactions: A genetic, pharmacological and behavioral approach"
12-07-06Marlene A. Wilson, PhD, Professor
Universiity of South Carolina
"The Role of Amygdala Neuropeptide Systems In Anxiety and The Actions of Anxiolytics"
12-21-06Michael Morgan, PhD
Professor of Psychology
Washington State University Vancouver
"A New Approach to Understanding the Neural Mechanisms Underlying Morphine Tolerance"
01-04-07Charles Bradberry, PhD, Assoc. Professor
University of Pittsburgh
"Cognitive consequences of chronic cocaine self-administration in rhesus monkeys"
01-18-07Kathleen A. Grant, PhD, Professor
Oregon Health Science University
"Predicting Chronic Alcohol Binge Drinking in Monkeys: Role of the HPA Axis, Drinking Typologies and Sex"
02-01-07Sergi Ferre, MD, PhD"Computational Role of Neurotransmitter Receptor Heteromers"
02-15-07Rebecca Craft , PhD, Professor
Washington State University
"Sex differences in pain and opioid analgesia"
03-01-07Robert M. Anthenelli, MD, Assoc, Professor
University of Cincinnati
"The Role of the Endocannabinoid System in Nicotine Dependence"
03-15-07Mark Packard, PhD, Professor
Texas A&M
"Amygdala and Affective Modulation of Multiple Memory Systems"
04-05-07Sharon Allen, MD, PhD
University of Minnesota
"Hormonal Effects on Nicotine Dependence and Relapse in Women"
04-19-07Subhash C. Panday, PhD, Professor
University of Minnesota
"Anxiety and Alcoholoism: Perspectives from molecular, behavioral, and neurocircuiry approaches"
05-03-07Donald M. Kuhn, PhD, Professor
Wayne State
"Microglial-Neuronal Crosstalk: How the Innate Immune System of the CNS is Tricked into Damaging Neurons"
05-17-07Suzette Evans, PhD, Professor
Columbia University
"The Role of Hormones in Modulating the Effects of Cocaine in Men and Women"

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