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DeAnna L. Adkins, Ph.D.

Deanna Adkins

Assistant Professor

Contact Information

phone:  (843) 792-4424
fax:  (843) 792-5211


PhD (2005) Institute for Neuroscience. University of Texas, Austin, TX.
MA (1996) Masters of Arts Program in Social Sciences, School of Social Sciences. University of Chicago, Chicago, IL.

BA (1990) Department of History & Barrett, The Honors College (magna cum laude), Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ.

Research Interests

Dr. Adkins’ research program is focused on further understanding the relationship between experience-dependent brain plasticity and functional recovery after stroke and traumatic brain injury.  The lab investigates how learning-induced neural plasticity can be capitalized upon and used in conjunction with novel pharmacological, behavioral and technological treatments to drive better motor and cognitive recovery after brain injury.  One of the primary goals of this research program is to translate basic research findings into more optimized treatments for human survivors of brain damage.




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