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Satish S. Nair, Ph.D., PE

Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering
University of Missouri - Columbia

Contact Information
Phone: (573) 882-2964
Fax: (573) 882-0397

229 Engineering Building West, Columbia, MO 65211


Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Ohio State University, Columbia OH

Project Description
Modeling the PFC-Accumbens Glutamatatergic Pathway in Cocaine.

Computational model of glutamate dynamics in the PFC-NAC perisynaptic space
A computational framework will be developed to study glutamate homeostasis in the perisynaptic space of a prefrontal-accumbal glutamatergic synapse including mechanisms such as synaptic glutamate release, its diffusion into the extracellular space, and its removal via transporters. Different from previous models, extracellular glutamate produced by exchangers is included and its effect on Glu homeostasis is investigated. The framework is then used to iteratively determine feasible geometries for the glial sheath configurations surrounding the synapse, by matching predictions with experimental data, and ensuring Glu homeostasis, using known ranges for parameter values. Our emphasis is on establishing an overall framework within which the role of many distinct glial interactions can be evaluated with a two-pool transmitter model, and in developing systematic approaches to study the adequacy of different models accounting for a wide range of biological data.

Publications Arising from Pilot Project

Mohan A, Pendyam S, Li G, Gall J, Kalivas PW, and Nair SS, 2008. “Computational models of neuronal networks – Modeling neuroplasticity in Glu transmission due to cocaine,” New Research on Neuronal Networks, Nova Science Publishers, New York(in press).
Pendyam S, LA Knackstedt, A Mohan, R Melendez, PW Kalivas and S Nair. 2008. Computational model of extracellular glutamate predicts neuroadaptations by chronic cocaine. J Neuroscience, in revision.

Funding Arising from Pilot Project:

1R21DA021768-01  PFC-Accumbens network model of cocaine-induced glutamate plasticity (first submission not scored)
PI: Satish Nair, Ph.D.
Proposed funding period:  12/2007-11/2009


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