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Baerbel Rohrer, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Contact Information
843-792-2166 (Lab)

BS, Biology, 1991, University of Tübingen, Germany
Ph.D., Visual Neuroscience, 1995, University of Calgary, AB, Canada

Research Interests
My lab is using transgenic animal models (mice and Xenopus laevis; classical and conditional knockouts, transgenics and silencing RNA) and retina-derived cell lines to study the roles of neurotrophins and their receptors in the development and function of retinal networks and their relevance to retinal pathology and neuroprotective therapies.

We are using molecular tools (microarrays, quantitative RT-PCR) to quantitate changes in gene expression during the pathological changes; electrophysiology (recording both from the retina and the projection areas in visual cortex) to monitor the progression of pathology or the reversal due to pharmacological intervention; as well as histology and cell-based assays to document the cellular changes.



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