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John Woodward, Ph.D.

Professor; Dept. of Neurosciences and Dept. of Psychiatry
Office IOP 471N

Contact Information
843-792-6374 (Lab)

BS, 1977, Texas A&M University
MS, Ph.D., 1979; 1982, University of Washington

Research Interests
Dr. Woodward’s lab is focused on defining the neural sites of action of alcohol and abused inhalants such as toluene and TCE. Alcohol and abused inhalants produce diverse effects on neuronal function by altering the function of different types of ion channels that regulate neuronal excitability. These include voltagedependent channels as well as those gated by neurotransmitters such as glutamate, Ach and ATP. Electrophysiological recording techniques are used to directly measure the function of both recombinant and native channels while site-directed mutagenesis is used to probe for discrete sites of action on the ion channel itself.

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