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Center For Health Disparities Research

Post Doc

 Rebakah J. Walker, MS
 Pre Doctoral Scholar, MUSC 
 Center for Health Disparities 

 Curriculum Vitae

Rebekah J. Walker is a pre-doctoral scholar at the Center for Health Disparities Research at the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC). She received her undergraduate from degree from St. Mary’s College of Maryland and her Master’s degree at Nova Southeastern University. She has recently transitioned from the field of biological sciences to health services research, focusing her work in health disparities and behavioral interventions. Her work in the environmental field focused on decision making and collaborative research, giving her a unique point of view and focus. She began her PhD work in 2011 in MUSC’s Health and Rehabilitation Sciences program. Her research interests are psychosocial influences on health behavior and outcomes. Her plan is to focus her research on vulnerable populations, producing research that assists in decreasing the disparate outcomes experienced by many in the United States and internationally.


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