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2012 Mayo Clinic Office for Diversity Summer Research Fellowship

Mayo Clinic shares the strong commitment to diversity with your medical school, a leading academic institution.  The College of Medicine Office for Diversity has developed a program for underrepresented medical students to give them an added edge in becoming leaders in clinical research and academic medicine.
As you know, the specific and unique health needs of underrepresented populations in the U.S. have been inadequately studied due to the shortage of clinical investigators from underrepresented groups.  Although progress has been made toward increasing the number of underrepresented clinicians to serve an increasingly diverse patient population, there is still a need for more underrepresented clinical investigators.
The Office for Diversity eight-week Summer Research Fellowship is a comprehensive training program funded by the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute of NIH.  It matches students with the nation’s leading Mayo Clinic investigators in the fields of cardiovascular, pulmonary and hematological diseases.  The goal is to provide medical students an introduction to basic science/patient-oriented research.  In addition to their research project, students attend a series of seminars and presentations that help develop their skills in clinical research methods. They participate in a career development workshop that provides information to better prepare them for residency programs, and research careers.  To ensure this program is accessible to all underrepresented students, Mayo provides a stipend.  To directly access program information, visit the website:

We would like you to share the attached information with the diverse medical students at your institution.  We hope you will encourage them to apply to one of the Mayo Clinic programs.
Your support is appreciated and we look forward to continuing our collaboration of affording diverse groups of students these unique opportunities.  Thank you.

Eddie Greene, M.D.
College of Medicine Office for Diversity
Mayo Clinic
Dennis Mays, Ph.D.
Program Manager
College of Medicine Office for Diversity
Mayo Clinic




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