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MUSC-Claflin IRACDA scholars will spend their first year of support at MUSC establishing their research projects and acquiring formal instruction in preparation for their mentored teaching experience.  In subsequent years the postdoctoral scholar will devote 25% of their effort for instructional activities at Claflin University in courses of their choosing. The scholars will participate in every aspect of the teaching experience from preparing lectures and course materials, to lecturing, to grading tests and homework holding office hours, and attending faculty meetings.

 The majority of the postdoctoral scholar’s effort as an IRACDA scholar will be on their research activities, as the program is founded upon the hypothesis that the skills of an effective teacher make for a more efficient researcher. Scholars will be encouraged to pursue career opportunities that maintain a balance of both research and teaching interests.

Here is an example of activities for the entire training period, however, each scholar's plan will vary somewhat depending upon their particular needs:

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