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Research Mentors

The following investigators have been approved to serve as research mentors. MUSC Faculty not listed may request appointment as a potential research mentor by submitting a cover letter and current NIH style Biographical Sketch to the Internal Advisory Committee.

Name, Degree, Rank

Academic Appointments

Major Research Interests

Narayan Bhat, PhD
Neurosciences MAP kinases in oligodendrocyte cell signaling

James A. Cook, PhD

NeurosciencesSignal transduction pathways in shock
Robert G. Gourdie, PhD
Cell Biology & AnatomyDevelopmental and molecular biology of cardiac conduction; wound healing

Dr. William (Tripp) C. Griffin, III

Research Assistant Professor

Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences

Dr. Griffin's research interests broadly include understanding the neurobiological adaptations in the brain that may underlie the urge to drink and the maintenance of alcohol drinking. Areas of active investigation consist of examining the glutamatergic, cholinergic and neuropeptide (CRF) signaling systems in brain regions that regulate alcohol consumption. An emerging area of Dr. Griffin's research is examining the interactive effects of alcohol with methylphenidate (Ritalin) on behavior and various neurotransmitter systems in forebrain areas.

Yusuf Hannun, MD

Biochemistry & Molecular BiologyLipid mediated signaling and biology
Jen Isaacs, PhD Assistant ProfessorCell and Molecular BiologyStudying how extracellular Hsp90 (eHsp90), a cancer secreted factor, contributes to tumor growth and metastasis

Ayad A. Jaffa, PhD

Medicine/EndocrinologyMechanisms of diabetic vascular and renal disease

Daniel R. Knapp, PhD

PharmacologyMass Spectrometry, Protein Structure and Function, Proteomics
Antonieta Lavin, PhD Associate ProfessorNeurosciencesSynaptic electrophysiology, network activity and cortical circuitry

Donald R. Menick, PhD

Medicine/CardiologyRegulation of gene expression in cardiac myocytes
Lina M. Obeid, MD
Medicine/Internal MedicineSignal transduction in cellular senescence, lipid signaling in brain biology, cancer, and aging

Kennerly S. Patrick, PhD

Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Sciences Medicinal chemistry
John Schwacke, PhD
Biostatistics and Molecular BiologyFocus on the development of algorithms for inferring signal transduction pathways from experimental data and methods for this analysis

Ron See, PhD

Neurosciences Neural substrates of addiction and relapse

Elizabeth Slate, PhD

Biostatistics, Bioinformatics and EpidemiologyBayesian methods, statistical computing and methodology

Dennis Watson, PhD

Pathology & Laboratory MedicineRole of Ets transcription factors in cellular motility
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