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Omar Bagasra, PhD
Biology/BiotechnologyHIV transmission, natural immunities to retrovirus infection, development of gene therapy treatments for HIV-1.  Molecular pathogenesis of prostate and beast cancers.

Rebecca Bullard-Dillard, PhD
Professor & Chair

Biology/Research DevelopmentMapping the Peromyscus genome, role of plant proteins that are immunohomologs of systemic lupus erythematosus autoantigens in oral tolerance mechanisms.
M. Kamal Chowdhury, PhD
Associate Professor
BiologyMalaria vaccines

Randall H. Harris, PhD
Assistant Professor

BiologyCharacterizing the role that bacteria play in certain disease processes.

Hossein Nanaie, PhD
Associate Professor

ChemistryPotential diagnostic and therapeutic applications of hybrid organic/inorganic nanoparticles in medicine.

Nicholas Panasik, Jr., PhD
Assistant Professor

Biology/ChemistryProtein folding and function
Angela W. Peters, PhD
Professor & Chair
ChemistryBiochemical analysis of human thymidylate synthase enzyme.

Muthukrishna Raja, PhD
Associate Professor

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